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Alcohol quenches the immune system both directly and helps bacteria to get into the wrong place due to dilated veins and stagnant blood. The prostate gland swells, the normal outflow of urine is disrupted, and it is easier for bacteria to invade the prostate. Also, from what you drink, you can be drawn to sexual exploits (and there are infections, do you remember?) Or you will fall asleep after a friendly drinking binge in the cold in the park, entrance, hallway (how much strength is enough - underline the necessary).

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Acute prostatitis, if treated incorrectly, can reach an abscess - an accumulation of pus in the prostate gland, - explains Sergey Kotov. - This, in turn, without treatment can lead to sepsis - blood poisoning, in a simple way. If acute prostatitis occurs frequently, it can lead to scarring of the prostate gland, to a deterioration in sperm quality.